Nutrition basically the process of providing the food necessary for health and growth. There are two types of nutrients available, macronutrients and micronutrients.


There is Three main categories of macronutrients include carbohydrate, protein, and fat.

Carbohydrates are available in the form of sugars, starches, and fibers found in fruits, grains, vegetables, and milk products. Mainly two types of carbohydrate are available for health good carbs and bad carbs.

Proteins are available in macromolecules formed by amino acids. It is a large size of macromolecules, polymers of structural units and it is called amino acids. There are 20 types of amino acids exist in proteins.

There are three types of proteins available fibrous, globular, and membrane, The function of proteins provide structure and support for cells.

Fat is a very essential part of our diet plan and nutrition, and we cannot survive without it. your bodies require small amounts of ‘good fat’ to proper function and help prevent daises. Storing more fat in the body is also not good for health. There are two types of fat, Saturated fat, and Unsaturated fat.


There are basically two types of micronutrients are vitamins and minerals, these are extra molecules which use to make energy for cells.


Vitamin is a chemical compound that is a very essential part of our nutrition, that is needed for the human body to work properly. The word vitamin does not include other essential nutrients, such as certain minerals, essential fatty acids, and essential amino acids.

Vitamins are a group of substances that are needed for proper cell function, growth of cells, and development of our body cell.

There are two main types of vitamins.

1. Fat-soluble vitamins (Vitamins A, D, E, and K)

2. Water-soluble vitamins (Vitamins B and C). 

Nutrient minerals

A mineral is a chemical element required as an essential nutrient for the body, the organism performs functions necessary for life.

The five major minerals in the human body are calcium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, and magnesium. But there are total 16 essential minerals required for the human body that is calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, sodium, chloride, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, iodine, and selenium, molybdenum, chromium, and fluoride.

Nutrition before, during, and after exercise

A properly balanced diet plan is very important for good output or results that come after a period of time, intake of nutrition depends on your workout timing, you can plan pre, post, during, and main diet chart for monitoring of nutrition values intake.

Intake of proper nutrition is very essential for workout person, its gives boost in body, repaired damaged cells and create new cells. The cells become later your muscles.

It is very important that requirements of nutrition depending on your body, Individual body performance, and whats your bodybuilding goal.

Before workout nutrition required

The best thing to eat before exercising for energy and endurance:

Before one hour of workout, you need quality of nutrition which gives quick energy and instantly repaired of damaged muscles, endure body for a workout and boost energy. Before workout nutrition is carbs, lean protein, heart-healthy fats, and fluids.

Before workout foods are like bread, egg white, low-fat milk, cereals, pasta, rice, fruits, and vegetables.

You should include some those important nutrition factors available:

1. Low fat.

2. Moderate in carbs and protein.

3. Low fiber.

4. Includes fluids.

5. More energy available.

Common Pre-Workout Meals To Burn Fat And Build Muscle:

Egg Whites: Egg whites are quick-digesting, good in protein, good in vitamins.

Whole Grain Bread: Whole grain bread is a quick and convenient medium-digesting carb.

Low-Fat Milk: Milk contains whey, which is an ideal pre-workout protein.

Oatmeal: Oatmeal is good in protein, slow-digesting oats keep you feeling full and focused as you pump out those reps.

Chicken and Yams: good in protein, slow-digesting.

During-workout nutrition required

The best thing to eat during exercising for energy and endurance and recovery:

During the workout, nutrition intake depends on so many factors such as how long you are doing a workout, how long before you finished pre-workout nutrition and what is your workout ultimate goal.

During the workout, we can intake food for Instant energy drink, plan water, whey proteins, and fruits.

Goals of nutrition intake during workout:

  1. Stay hydrated
  2. Provide immediate fuel
  3. Boost performance
  4. Preserve muscle improve recovery
  5. Protein during exercise
  6. Pumping muscles
  7. Provide instant energy

Why is it so important to drink plenty of liquids during exercise?

Water acts in your body as a cooling function, and cool down body temperature. It comes out in the form of heat that is sweating. Drinking plenty of water avoids getting dehydrated your body.

It is necessary that having plenty of water sips when you feel thirsty or regular intervals.

Post-workout nutrition required

The best thing to eat post exercising for energy, recovery, and build up muscles:

Post-workout nutrition is very essential for a workout person, which helps to recovers damaged muscles, provide instant energy, and hydrate to the body.

Post-workout nutrition should provide quality nutrition, it shows results in your body of growing up muscles.

Some common nutrition foods are milk, oatmeal, bread, peanut butter, fruits, whey protein, vegetables, chicken breast, white egg, boiled seeds.

Post-workout nutrition can help you:

1. Recover damage muscles

2. Re-hydrate body

3. refuel

4. build new muscle

5. Improve future performance


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