Abs workout plan for instant results

Transforming belly fat into abs is a common goal for many peoples, but it makes easy if we follow a proper workout plan with a controlled diet plan.

Train to Abs needs a proper plan for a workout as well as a diet plan. Dieting plan is very important during abs workout because first when we eat heavy food in the pre-workout meal, we can feel difficult to complete press in crunches, second if you had fatty food and that fat starts accumulating in the belly area.

ABS Muscles anatomy

The rectus abdominis muscle also known as the abdominal muscle or abs. It is a pair of muscles on the abdominal arranged vertically on each side of the anterior wall of the human abdomen.

There are two parallel muscles, separated by a midline band
of connective tissue called the linea alba.

Mainly abdominal muscles in four parts:

1. Rectus Abdominis

2. Internal Obliques

3. External Obliques

4. Transverse Abdominis

There are three parts of which we need to train individually.

1. Upper abs

2. Side abs

3. Lower abs

Top best abs workout exercises

Leg raises

Leg raises workout help to strengthen and build core muscles that target the iliopsoas. Leg raises effect the rectus abdominal, and the internal and external oblique.

How to do it:

1. Lie down on the bench or floor with your feet together, and parallel to under your bum. This is a starting position.

2. Raise your feet to 45 degrees and hold for a second.

3. Slowly lower your feet at stating a position.

4. Repeat the same for 25 raises at every set followed by 3 sets.


One of the most popular abdominal training workouts is crunches.

It trains entire abs but primarily trains rectus abdominal and

How to do it:

1. Lie down on the floor, rest back in the floor with feet flat on the ground, or resting on a bench with your knees bent at a 90-degree angle.

2. If you are resting your feet on the bench, place them 3 or 4 inches apart and point your toes inwards so they touch.

3. Now place your hand slightly touch your head and elbow in. This will be a starting position.

4. Now push down your with your lower back as much u can do, lift your head as you contract your abdominal muscles, exhale.

5. Your shoulder should come up only four inches and your
lower back should remain touch to the floor.

6. Keep the contraction hold for one second.

7. Come down slowly starting position and inhale.

8. Repeat the same for 25 raises at every set followed by 3 sets.

Side plank dips

Side planks dips help strength to side abs and oblique muscles. it is also a popular exercise to reduce fat from the side back.

How to do it:

1. Lie down on the floor with resting your right-hand elbow, keep the gap between your body and floor by resting elbow and foot.

2. Keep your body straight and keep front-facing.

3. Inhale, lower your pelvis to the floor so your hip hovers just off the floor.

4. Exhale, press up through the waist to lift the pelvis up, and
return to side plank.

5. Repeat the same for 15 raises at every set followed by 3 sets.

6. Switch your side and repeat the same.

Seated barbell twist

The seated barbell twist help to build oblique muscles and slightly help to train abdominal muscles.

How to do it:

1. Start sitting on a flat bench end, with a barbell placed on the
shoulder, griping wider than the shoulder, palm front-facing.

2. Your feet should be wider equal to your shoulder width.

3. While keeping your head and feet in a stationary condition,
move your waist from side to side so that your oblique muscles
feel the contraction.

4. Remember to breathe out while twisting body side to side,
inhale when coming back starting position.

5. Repeat recommended no of sets and reps required.

Dumbbell side bend

Dumbbell side bend exercise strength your side abs. It mainly trains internal and external obliques, quadratus, and erector spinel.

How to do it:

1. Stand up in straight position, holding a dumbbell in the left hand and keep right hand holding your waist.

2. Place your feet width equal to shoulder with.

3. Holding dumbbell in such a way your palm, side back facing.

4. Keep your lower body in a stationary condition, keep your back straight and your head up.

5. Inhale, bend your waist right side as far as possible.

6. Hold at end for a second, keep contraction in your side abs. Now come back to starting position and exhale.

7. Repeat recommended no of sets and reps required.

8. Now change the dumbbell hand and repeat the same for another side.


Cable crunch

Cable crunches are one popular exercise for core isolation,
it targets rectus abdominal or six-pack abs muscles built.

How to do it:
1. Grasp cable rope attachment.

2. Kneel below cable pulley that connected to rope attachment.

3. Sit down with the support of your knees.

4. Flex your hips slightly, allow the weight to hyper-extend the lower back, this will be starting position.

5. With the hip stationary condition, flex your waist and elbow towards the middle of thighs and contract the abs.

6. Hold the contraction for a second, return to starting position.

7. Repeat the same for 25 raises at every set followed by 3 sets.


The plank is important in view of increasing core and abs strength plank are very effective exercises. It helps to reduce
belly fat quickly and gives strength to core muscles.

How to do it:

1. Get into a prone position, support your all bodyweight in toes and forearms.

2. Your arm should bend from elbow directly blow of shoulders.

3. Keep your head straight with downwards facing.

4. Keep your body straight position, hold the position as much long you can hold.

5. Keep increasing holding time day by day gives good results.


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