The gym beast Ronnie Coleman: 8X Mr. Olympia

Ronnie Coleman biography, bodybuilding Personal life, raining plan, diet, surgeries and interview.   In the bodybuilding, many people came but Ronnie Coleman is the one of champion of the champion, who created a history in the bodybuilding world. Evergreen bodybuilders started and finished in a period of time, Ronnie Dean Coleman is also known as … Read more

30 days best exercise for grow big shoulder muscles

Shoulder workout plan  Whenever you think about shoulder workout, sveral exercises comes in your mind, but for beginners there are some basic exercises which help to strength shoulder, to get in a routine and gives strength for pumping shoulder muscles. Being beginner,  Lifting heavyweight in the wrong posture can destroy your shoulder muscles and can be … Read more

Stretching Exercise, benefits and types

   Stretching Exercise flexibility and  strengthening Stretching is a form of physical exercise, it targets a specific muscles or tendon( or muscles group) and makes flexed, stretched in order to improve the muscles felt elasticity, reduce stress or tightness of the muscle. The results of stretching getting good muscles with a flexible physique and avoid … Read more

Nutrition Benefits and Value

Nutrition Benefits  Well, Our body is composed of many different types of cells together,  that together create tissues and subsequently organ systems.  The organ system required energy for function properly, the energy provided from food nutrition. There various type of nutrition available in food, some of are good for health, some of the limited good … Read more

Greek Yogurt nutrition value


Greek Yogurt Greek yogurt contains approximately double of the number of proteins compared to regular yogurt. dairy product not only contains high proteins but also a mixture of fast-digesting whey protein and slow-digesting casein proteins. while Greek Yogurt is good snacks at any time, eating it before workout or post-workout or before bed, it gives … Read more

Shrimp Nutrition value

Shrimp Shrimp are almost pure protein. in healthy food, while healthy fats and carbs are important for bodybuilding. Adding some shrimp is an easy way to get muscles building protein without adding too many additional calories. like many other animal proteins, shrimp contains a high amount of the amino acid, leucine. Which is necessary for … Read more